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Drive your sales. Communicate better. Hire well.
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AMM Communications stands for: "All Marketing and Media Communications"

Our motto is: "We help our clients drive sales, communicate better, and hire well!"

How can AMM Communications help me and my business?

We are in the business of helping clients drive sales, through business development consulting, marketing strategy, and implementing tactics to increase gross revenue.
We promote the ways that our clients solve problems for their clients. We find A-Players at all levels of their company to help the business grow. We help our clients sell more because they will be seen! These are the services that make us one of the Best Public Relations Firms in St. Louis.

How do we do this?

There are three divisions of our company, AMM Strategy, AMM Communications and AMM Search.

What can AMM Communications offer for a Strategic Marketing Plan?

Strategic Marketing Consulting using tools such as Six Thinking Hats, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas, and direct end-user feedback. In our experience, marketing strategy is best accomplished by a team and we work to supplement the efforts of the company's internal marketing team. Sometimes at fresh perspective on marketing strategy and tactics by a third-party is all that is needed. We provide our clients with the process and strategy to increase their revenues.

How will AMM Communications help me communicate better?

In addition to offering integrated marketing communications, such as Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Media Relations, we can also help you be a better communicator with your internal company audience. We use tactics such as Beyond Bullet Points, Prezi, and advanced PowerPoint features to help you create a presentation that has impact. We guide our clients through effective communications strategies and implementing tactic, so that their clients and potential clients will know, like, and trust their product, service, company, or people.

How will Executive Search Firms, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and Search Consulting help me hire well?

We help our clients search for A-players to help grow their companies. Through the years, we have had extensive experience hiring top candidates for all levels of companies and not-for-profits. Whether you need a dynamite salesperson, an effective leader for the C-suite, or an hourly skilled worker, we have a proprietary search process that is based upon Topgrading, to help you source, sort resumes, and vet candidates. At the end of the process, you will have 1 or 2 top candidates to choose from, which will save you time, effort, and most importantly, money.


What is your approach to public relations in St. Louis as well as nationwide?

At AMM Communications, considered one of the Best Public Relations Firms in St. Louis, we are fans for Gini Dietrich's PESO Model. Gini is a thought leader in the PR industry and she is the principal behind Spin Sucks as well as a best-selling author of several books. The PESO model for PR represents - Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media - all the placements that we hustle to obtain for our clients. PR is about creating a "buzz" around a product or service, which leads to top-of-mind awareness, and ultimately, more sales and revenue. Here is a nifty interactive model demonstrating the power of the PESO PR model.

The PESO Model

Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media - Gini Dietrich, "Spin Sucks"

Ready! Set! Engage!

At AMM Communications, one of the Best Public Relations Firms in St. Louis, Missouri, we provide PR marketing services, content marketing consulting, strategic marketing planning, and business development training nationwide, to clients who want to sell more through promoting a brand. Unlike other PR firms, we approach public relations from the perspective of “How will you sell more of your product or service as a result of this placement?”

We are also executive search firms, specializing in recruiting, talent acquisition, and search consulting.We specialize in public relations, business development, crisis communications, executive training, internal communications, content marketing, media relations, reputation management, search consulting, and social media consulting.

We help our clients business grow by knowing how to get the right message in front of the right audience using the most-effective medium.

Founded in 2008, AMM Communications, Public Relations Marketing & Training of St. Louis, Missouri, Ed and Ann Marie Mayuga, are expert communicators in the areas of business development, content marketing, crisis communications, executive training, internal communications, marketing, media relations, reputation management, search consulting, and social media consulting. They provide marketing communications services to small- and mid-sized companies, who want to sell more through promoting a brand. For more information, please navigate to https://ammcommunications.com or call (314) 485-9499.