Executive Search Firms

At AMM Communications Executive Search Firms, we know that finding the right team members to join your company can be the difference between “merely existing” and “thriving.”

When you need to find A-Players for your growing company, we will help you find, hire, and on board future team members. Our team at AMM Communications, led by Ed Mayuga, is one of the top Executive Search Firms in St. Louis, and has extensive experience talent acquisition, recruiting, and search consulting, drawing on years of experience as hiring managers for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Our team has successfully placed professionals in senior management, sales, marketing, accounting/finance, health care, human resources, technology, and not-for-profits, with an over 90% retention rate after the first year.

We have a highly-specialized and proprietary method of sourcing, processing, vetting, interviewing, and hiring candidates. Unlike contingency executive search firms, we do not send a stream of unqualified candidates to you see “what sticks”. We want to find the best person for the job that will help your company grow!

When we initiate a search for you, we work closely with you to determine what your goals are for the candidate to be successful. Based on this data, we develop a position description and job advertisements that will cast a wide net to attract talent in traditional and alternative ways.

At the end of the process, you will have 1-2 top candidates to interview for your position, which will save you significant time and resources from gathering and processing resumes. This is the difference that using retained have over contingency recruiters.

The advantage to the AMM Communications  talent acquisition model is that it is measurable, repeatable, and sets you and your A-Player up for immediate success.

When you are ready to hire or fill a position, call Ed Mayuga, AMM Communications Executive Search Firms:

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