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Ask yourself: "Is my company attaining it's sales goals or are we missing opportunities?", "Are we communicating effectively with our clients, sales prospects, internal customers, and with future team members?", and "Who are the A-Players the company needs to grow?"

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AMM (All Marketing and Media) Communications has three divisions to help you persuade and convince potential customers to buy from you, current customers to like and trust you, and future team members to join you!

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The Art of Convincing at AMM Communications occurs at the moment when a customer decides to use, buy, or consume a product or service. At AMM Communications, we help our clients convince their potential customers to use their products or services because they are the better choice. We do this through our proven strategic marketing communications processes (Six Thinking Hats, Business Model Canvas, and Value Proposition Design) and the implementation of marketing tactics that support the customized plan.
The Art of Persuasion at AMM Communications involves public relations, media relations, reputation management, and content marketing strategies to help clients sell more to their audiences. These strategies help current and prospective clients know, like, and trust our clients’ products or services. In order to persuade well, a company must communicate well, through the application of good oral/written communications, social media, and social proof. Integrated marketing communications, in the form of key message development, business writing, and connecting clients with media opportunities, help implement the marketing strategies. We help our clients with event marketing which will increase the overall brand recognition and corporate reputation of the company, and is especially effective when used in new product or new service launches. Also, we help our clients develop visually-stunning PowerPoint presentations, using no bullet points, that maintain presenter focus, rather than slide focus.

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AMM Strategy - Business development strategy, sales coaching, lead generation, LinkedIn networking, writing SEO-optimized web copy, and Google Analytics/AdWords management.

"because developing a marketing strategy is best done with a team of internal and external marketers!"

AMM Communications - Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communications, Content Marketing, Crisis Communications, Reputation Management, PR-Based SEO/SEM, and Social Media

"because communicating better means bridge-building with your audience, current clients, sales prospects, and future team members."

AMM Search - Search Consulting, Recruiting, and Talent Acquisition using Topgrading

"because finding and acquring A-players to work for your company is a difficult task to do yourself."

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