Sales and Negotiation Training

Close More Deals, Achieve Optimal Outcomes: Master Negotiation with AMM Communications

Are your sales negotiations stuck in a stalemate? Do you walk away feeling like you left money on the table? At AMM Communications, we don’t just win awards for our PR prowess; we’re negotiation ninjas, empowering sales professionals and executives like you to close more deals, secure the best terms, and leave every conversation feeling confident and victorious.

Why Negotiation Training is Your Sales Superpower:

  • Unlock Hidden Value: Master the art of integrative negotiation, finding creative solutions that benefit both parties and maximize the pie for everyone.
  • Conquer Concessions: Learn to navigate adversarial bargaining like a pro, wielding effective tactics to secure the optimal outcome, even in tough situations.
  • Build Rapport & Trust: Discover the power of active listening and rapport-building, creating a positive negotiation environment that fosters collaboration and mutual success.
  • Sharpen Your Skills: Hone your verbal and non-verbal communication, ask impactful questions, and deliver persuasive arguments that leave a lasting impression.
  • Boost Team Performance: Empower your entire sales team with our comprehensive training programs, transforming each member into a skilled negotiator who closes deals and drives revenue.

AMM Communications: Your Negotiation Boot Camp:

We don’t just lecture; we immerse you in real-world scenarios, equipping you with the tools and techniques to conquer any negotiation table:

  • BATNA Mastery: Identify your Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement and leverage it for maximum power.
  • Process Pro: Take control of the negotiation process, setting expectations and establishing a framework for productive dialogue.
  • Rapport Rituals: Build trust and connection with your counterpart, setting the stage for win-win collaborations.
  • Active Listening Alchemy: Transform into a master listener, understanding your counterpart’s needs and uncovering hidden opportunities.
  • Power Questions: Craft targeted questions that extract valuable information and guide the conversation towards your desired outcome.
  • Smart Trade-Offs: Learn to identify and leverage multiple issues to create mutually beneficial solutions, even in competitive situations.
  • Anchoring Aversion: Avoid falling victim to the anchoring bias and take control of the negotiation’s starting point.
  • MESO Magic: Discover the power of presenting multiple equivalent offers simultaneously, breaking impasses and opening doors to creative solutions.
  • Contingency Contracts: Craft agreements that adapt to future uncertainties, ensuring long-term satisfaction and minimizing potential conflicts.
  • Implementation Blueprint: Plan for the future, building milestones and dispute resolution mechanisms into your agreement for smooth sailing from handshake to finalization.

Ready to transform your negotiation skills and close more deals than ever before?

AMM Communications is your guide. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s craft a personalized training program that empowers you to become a negotiation master, achieving optimal outcomes in every sales encounter.