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Ann Marie Mayuga

Ann Marie Mayuga

Partner and Co-Founder

Communicate better with strong messaging, media success and managing your company reputation.

Ann Marie Mayuga, co-owner and partner at AMM Communications, one of the Top Public Relations Firms in St. Louis, Missouri. She understands that communications are dynamic, evolving and must always be improved. When you take this philosophy and build a business that helps companies and not-for-profits drive sales, communicate better, and hire well, you know that you’ve found a communications professional who is obsessed with client success.

Ann Marie’s career has always been in communications either for corporations, one of the world’s largest PR firms, and not-for-profits. She’s had her fair share of incredible PR and media relations experiences from helping clients land that must-have and coveted interview which put them on the national map and managing crisis situations to being an early adapter how of how social media platforms were the next wave of must-use tools to communicate with journalists and target audiences.

If you are curious to learn more about Ann Marie’s experience versus boring you with a list of what she has done and where she has worked in this bio, please take a glance at her LinkedIn profile, https://www.linkedin.com/in/ammayuga/.

Ann Marie has two key strengthsshe is a critical listener, and she can help each client understand and identify the best messaging for their organization to drive sales. AMM Communications does not take a cookie cutter approach with each client. Frankly, that is insulting because as far as we’re concerned each person and business is unique as are the business development, communication and talent recruitment solutions we offer.

Ann Marie has been involved with a number local not-for-profit boards and still stays active with a few because she is investment with making St. Louis a great place to live and do business. She spends her free time running, gardening, and during the summer months pickling and jarring every possible vegetable from her garden. She is married to Ed, and they are blessed to have a happy pack of three bulldogs – two English and a precocious French Bulldog.

Ed Mayuga

Ed Mayuga

Partner and Co-Founder

Drive your sales with digital marketing, communications skills training, and hiring well with executive search.

Ed Mayuga, co-founder and partner of AMM Communications, knows how to help companies and organizations drive sales, develop business leads, and attract and retain talent. He possesses the sales, management and recruitment experience you want and expect in a partner to help your company grow and thrive. Ed has the skills, credentials and plenty of awards to recognize his past performance because he worked for some of the best pharmaceutical and logistic companies in the world. (There isn’t a need to offer you a laundry list of his prior experience. Ed’s LinkedIn profile does a wonderful job of outlining his career highlights, https://www.linkedin.com/in/elmayuga/)

So what can Ed do for your company or not-for-profit? Ed is the guy who keeps up with the way every possible industry is going through its own disruption, and applies what he observes and learns to help clients stay competitive. He is the guy who understands that marketing success is simple but getting there is not easy. He is the guy who understands, appreciates and empathizes that strong sales are a must for any organization to remain open and to thrive. He knows how to teach and educate your team on how to fill the business development pipeline so that it becomes a natural skill for all your team members to learn.

He is great at recruiting and identifying talent for your organization. Why? Because he has had many experiences in his own past of hiring “rock stars”, and helping other team members understand that you can only manage behaviors and not attitudes.

Ed has been an entrepreneur his entire life. His first venture was in seventh grade when he opened a calligraphy business where he would create handwritten wedding invitations and birth announcements. He decided to have a career in sales because it’s measurable and for the sheer number of personal challenges involved with business development.

Ed is involved in a lot of neat St. Louis not-for-profits that make our community a better place…Fair Saint Louis 2016-18 PR volunteer chairman, current board member of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Saint Louis, and a former board member of St. Louis Catholic Charities.

When he does slow down, Ed likes to hang out with his wife, Ann Marie, his three bulldogs – two English, and one Frenchie – and experience the wonderful food truck dining options of STL!