DYST Website Copy Questionnaire

A key component of the Drive Your Sales Today program is writing SEO-friendly, natural language website copy. These questions will help us capture your "voice".
  • What is the commonly-used name for your business?
  • What does the name signify, or why is your business named as such?
  • The name(s) of the owner(s) are important for the About Us page. Please separate names with commas.
  • When did the business officially start?
  • Please indicate if the business changed names, ownership, business purpose, etc. since the official start date.
  • Please be as thorough as possible in providing information about the owner's experience in the business, and any relevant experience prior to working in the current business.
  • We will incorporate these keywords and phrases into your website copy, using natural language.
  • Please list certifications, training or education, of the owner(s) and/or key staff, if it is relevant to the business,.
  • Please enter your motto or catchphrase. This will help us capture your "voice".
  • Please indicate what your current or planned advertising messages are or will be, if different from your motto or catchphrase.
  • Please tell us why you are different from your competition and we will highlight those differences in the website copy.
  • Please let us know what makes your approach different from your competitors.
  • Please indicate if the business is insured and bonded.
  • What is your customer or client service area?
  • Please enter your mission statement/goals here
  • Please list your top 3 features and benefits of working with you, or using your product. This will help us with the call-to-action.