Ed recently found video from my dad’s 70th surprise birthday party from October 7, 2005. He found it when he was filming during my dad’s funeral this past December. Ed uses his video camera but with iPhones and digital camera these days he has multiple ways to film.

My dad was truly surprised by his 70th birthday. About 100+ people attended. He was humbled. After people were each able to give their favorite Rick Higham story, he said a few words. Here is the link, http://bit.ly/cPjKJk
In two minutes, he gave such a simple and heart-felt thank you. The line from the video that sticks in my mind is when he talks about life zipping you by at each milestone — 50 years-old, 60-years-old — and when you turn 70, you take a moment to pause because the number of years ahead are limited.

Take one-minute to think about what you are doing right now. If it is to drive your business, improve your mind, spend time with people you love, and have a chance to think about your blessings, you aren’t wasting time.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, allowing yourself to veg in front of trash television, or complaining about things within your control, STOP! You are wasting time and your time is precious.

Make every minute count. My dad did. … Father Knows Best!

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