Is the recession over? That is cover story for the August 3 Newsweek cover. has a headline reading, “It hurts , but not as much.” Here is the link: The numbers, statistics and all the other reports claim that we are nearing the bottom. Who knows what to believe. All I know is that this recession is a reminder that you need to be prepared in life and not expect anyone, especially the federal government, to bail you out.

One thing I’ve learned this past year as a business owner is that anything can happen. It’s boring but slow and steady is the way to approach business. Now let me clarify by saying that doesn’t mean slow and steady in the way clients receive service and results…that is in the urgent category. When it comes to business growth, new business development, hiring and expansion, know what the cost is before making the decision. At AMM Communications LLC, we’ve expanded but at a pace where cash is king and whenever a purchase is made cash is used. Same approach used personally.

This recession, though painful for all, has been a reminder that the important things in life are constant when other areas may be down — job loss, business down, stressed out people. As a husband wife duo running a business, we’re learning to build a solid, profitable business regardless of economic conditions. We have much to learn in the years ahead and hope you’ll follow us on our journey in building a business and a stronger marriage.

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