Writing has taken on many different forms within the past three years. The way you write a Tweet is far different from the copy used in a 2,000-word column for a trade journal. It’s the ability for a person to have variety and versatility in the printed word.

Ironic that now I find myself hearing thank you from the person to whom I have written a thank you note. For such an old-school approach, it does gain attention. Here is a good link from The Simple Dollar on Trentt’s take of the art of writing the thank you note: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2007/02/14/the-art-of-the-thank-you-note/

Below are some ideas about why writing a thank you note will set you apart from your peers:
  • Attention to detail: By writing a handwritten note, you are telling the recipient, “I appreciate your time.” It’s an extra detail many overlook in our busy environments.
  • Thoughtfulness: It demonstrates civility and politeness. The person who receives the note was thoughtful so recognize that.
  • Gratitude: The 5-10 minutes spent writing the note says that you are grateful for the relationship you have with the recipient.
  • Professionalism: Sending an unexpected note shows that you remember the person and provides an opportunity to show how you would be to work with on future projects, boards, fund-raising events, church activities, etc…
  • Memorable: People are more likely to remember you name if you just met them or connect positive feelings with you when they hear your name.

It doesn’t cost much. Purchase some note cards with your name engraved on them or basic note cards without anything printed on them. Purchase some stamps. Purchase a nice pen. Take 5-10 minutes to write a note to someone you gave you something. Pretty simple but the reaction is priceless.

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