English bulldogs are known for being headstrong, tenacious and stubborn. As a beed, they are. My husband and I own one of these majestic and lovable dogs. His name is Mr. President. He is a 70-pound package of dog love, companionship and loyalty.

The old saying, “Tenacious as a bulldog,” is very true. These dogs will not give up on a game of tug-of-war. They are out to win and will tire out the opponent. My ability to play tug with Mr. P. is about 20 minutes. He usually wins.

What I’ve learned from Mr. President or “P” (as we call him at home) is to apply the following behaviors to business:
  • Be tenacious but not aggressive. Do not give up easily.
  • Learn to be an active listener.
  • When you need down time, take it. Everyone needs an opportunity to have moments where you are thinking strategically.
  • Be loyal. This applies to family, friends, co-workers, clients, and anyone else with whom you have relations.
  • Enjoy the present.

Mr. President has taught me much. Most pet owners will probably provide a similar list as I have above. You can learn from anyone, even your pet.

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