1. Why do I need marketing, strategic communications and public relations?

    Marketing, strategic communications and public relations are methods and tactics for companies to further their expertise and develop a strong reputation among potential customers and current clients as valued resources. It is hard to garner the attention of anyone today with so many competing items for an individual’s undivided attention. The challenge is to develop the right messaging for your company to attract the attention of your potential customers and current clients, and with a well thought out marketing and strategic communication plan you can achieve your goals to improve your bottom line.

  2. Can I do this myself?

    Sure you can, but it takes time. As a business owner or executive, is that your highest and best use of your time to implement your company's marketing plan? Effective marketing plans need to be implemented strategically. As ans entrepreneur, your time is focused with the management and sales for your company.

  3. Why should I hire AMM Communications?

    Ann Marie and Ed Mayuga have extensive experience in the areas of strategic communications, crisis communications, content marketing, sales and business development, leadership training and development, and search consulting. The value that we provide is in strategic counsel and hands-on coaching to clients.  Both partners of the company are frequently invited to author columns and blogs, interviewed as sources for articles, invited to be guest speakers, and share knowledge and expertise with other business owners through well-known learning programs like Enterprise University.

  4. How is AMM Communications different from its competitors?

    When we initiate the strategic marketing plan process with a client, we have them think about the “buyer personas” of their targeted audience, and how “earned media” will result in sales and return on investment. With our extensive sales and business development backgrounds, we recognize the importance of marketing driving sales, and customize the strategic marketing plans to benefit our clients’ overall sales process. We help our clients sell more because they will be seen!

  5. What can a small firm do for me that I cannot receive from a larger marketing agency?

    At AMM Communications, we work with all sizes of businesses, not-for-profits and government entities nationwide. When you engage with us, you work directly with the owners and partners of the company, and you have access to Ann Marie and Ed’s extensive business acumen. We also have a nationwide network of pre-qualified marketing professionals and freelancers ranging from graphic designers and internet marketing specialists to strategic planning consultants and audio/visual technicians.

  6. How do you charge for your services?

    We create a project proposal, typically for a 6-month duration, which is divided into three pricing tiers. We find that tiered pricing is beneficial for our clients because they can project and budget for the marketing services with no surprises. We do not bill at an hourly rate. For ongoing engagements, it is often cost effective for the client to put us on retainer.

  7. Who is the ideal customer for AMM Communications?

    We usually work with the business owners, CEOs, and senior management of the companies, not-for-profits and government entities that we represent. We work as consultants to support the internal marketing team or as the complete outsourced marketing department. We are the ideal partner for these type of client because we understand the intricacies of today’s business world, and we act with a sense of urgency, continuously advocating on behalf of our clients. 

  8. How do I know what services I need?

    We have an initial meeting with prospective clients and discuss their goals, strategies, sales process and target audiences. After setting priorities, a plan is created with the client’s input that provides consistency, accountability and clearly-defined goals. We typically work in 30/60/90 day blocks of time during our initial 6-month project.

  9. What are the key services that you provide?

    Drive your sales:

  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation – Working with internet content marketers, web designers and other marketing professionals to enhance the client’s brand through a mix of tradition and new media. We use tools such as Six Thinking Hats, Mind-mapping, Value Proposition Design, and Business Model Canvas clients develop their marketing strategy.
  • Business Development / Sales Consulting– Utilizing Ed’s extensive sales and sales management experience to develop sales processes, compensation plans, and CRM reporting. Whether a business has an established sales function or just starting from scratch, we help our clients drive sales.
  • Event Planning and Management - AMM Communications has a successful track record of helping clients plan and manage promotional events, product launches, and speaking events. We have long-standing relationships with event and party planners nationwide.

Communicate better:

  • Public Relations, Media Relations and Corporate Communications– Integrated marketing communications to develop key messages, business writing, and connecting clients with reporters nationwide to increase the positive perception of the company’s brand.
  • Crisis Communications and Reputation Management – Developing a strategy and key talking points to minimize negative impact.
  • Content Marketing –  Generating creative content for websites, blogs, marketing collateral etc. Providing hands-on consulting for all social media platforms. Developing engaging content to expand the network. Creating a company and personal brand.
  • Leadership Training & Development – Providing customized educational offerings to professionals on topics ranging from leadership development and critical thinking, to business development and enhanced public speaking. We create and build PowerPoint and Prezi slide decks using the Beyond Bullet Points method of visual presentation.

Hire well:

  • Search Consulting - Finding A-Players using Topgrading to help your business grow! We have a proprietary method of finding, sourcing, interviewing, and assessing multiple candidate no matter what the position. We have extensive experience hiring for every position, from C-Level executives, not-for-profit leadership, to hourly and entry-level workers.
  1. Why do I need content and social media marketing for my company?

    You and your company are a brand and content marketing is the ability to produce content so that potential clients know, like and trust your brand. Content marketing combined with social media marketing is the great equalizer that allows companies to compete on a level playing field.