Service provides 60 minutes of free consultation valued at $200 with developer to

diagnose business website   


February 8, 2017 (St. Charles, MO) – Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics (TPC&G), a St. Charles, MO-based, fourth-generation family owned business, announced today the launch of a new program, $0 for 60, which provides business owners a free 60-minute consultation with an experienced web developer who will provide a review, diagnosis and offer solutions for a small business’ current website.

The focus of $0 for 60, a program valued at $200.00, is to help small- and mid-sized business owners understand the current capabilities of their businesses’ websites. The web developer will discuss ways to make the website more functional without creating a new site, identify areas that need to be improved, and provide recommendations for future upgrades.

“We love working with small businesses because they are doing, producing and building so many cool things,” said John Meilink, TPC&G Chief Executive Officer. “What we find when we speak with business owners is that many do not fully understand the capabilities that exist with their current websites. A business doesn’t have to launch a new website each year. Enhancements and upgrades can be made to an existing website that don’t cost thousands of dollars.”

“Part of the value $0 for 60 offers is access to an experienced web developer who can answer questions and make recommendations during the uninterrupted free consultation,” added Meilink.

Meilink went on to explain that TPC&G works with companies of all sizes from micro-businesses to international enterprises. TPC&G does not turn away any business because of size. The Company’s philosophy is to support all businesses because as a family owned, fourth-generation business, the TCP&G team knows and appreciates what it takes to help a business grow. The $0 to 60 program is a way to help businesses grow, gain access to expert web development advice, and support entrepreneurs.

TPC&G has been expanding its small business service offerings the past two years. In 2016, the Company acquired Giant Hat, a St. Louis-based digital marketing agency known for its sophisticated app programming and website development, and opened a second office at the Cortex Innovation Community (CIC) located at 20 S. Sarah Street, St. Louis, MO, 63108, which is in the downtown St. Louis bioscience and tech start-up district.

For more information about $0 for 60, please call 636.946.3525 or visit

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