How Would You Like Us to Personally Walk You Through the Exact Talent Acquisition Process Our Clients Use to Fill Job Openings… Absolutely for Free?

From the Desks of: Ed and Ann Marie Mayuga
St. Louis, Missouri (aka the Birthplace of Toasted Ravioli)

Let’s talk about results for a second: it is challenging to find A-Players to fill job openings, regardless of economic conditions.

Our clients who use our search process have experienced great success.

They were able to fill job openings quickly…

They hire A-Players to help them achieve the fastest path to cash…

They’re receiving multiple applicants while they sleep (or hang out with their kids or go skiing or travel or lie on the beach)…

Having five…10…even 20 new applicants for their job postings every day of the week…

In fact, our talent acquisition process has over a 90% success rate

We have helped more people build a pipeline of job applicants who are hard-workers, high performers—and do it all with a minimum amount of interviews.

They save money because they don’t need the services of contingency (or retained) recruiters.

The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to streamline my talent acquisition process in 2018?

If the answer is YES, then we’d love to share with you how we’re getting these kinds of results, and we’d like to share it with you for free.

Here’s how it works…

Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These Three Things  

You want to get more qualified, high-performing applicants flowing into your business. Right now, you rely on multiple job ads and referrals, and they quality of applicants is low or they’re not the right fit. You need the right job applicants, who are thrilled to work with you, and have the behaviors that will help your team and your company succeed…


You want to fill job openings with A-Players—and you want to achieve it without spending hours interviewing an overwhelming number of candidates. You’re tired of wasting time interviewing too many applicants or, worse, fearing the possibility that you let an A-player slip away because you did not interview them. You only want to work with top performers that are quick learners and display the behaviors that allow them to succeed. And you want it to happen consistently, like clockwork, so it’s 100% dependable and predictable…


You don’t have time to work ON the business because you’re spending all of your time in it. You start your day with a list of priorities to work on, and that all goes out the window by 9:00 a.m. You spend all day putting out fires and doing other people’s jobs. You want to hire the right people so that you can run your business versus letting it run you.

Which of those sounds more like you?

The good news is that whichever it is, we can show you a process that will help you make it a reality…and we’ll do it for FREE.

Consider this: these are the kinds of results we get for our clients every single day. If we can do it for them, we can certainly do it for you.

Here’s How to Get Our Help for FREE  

We’ve set aside some time to speak with you in the next few days.

We’ll get on the phone for about 45 minutes. On that call, we’ll lay out a plan to help you do any or all of the three things mentioned above.

This process is going to enable you to hit your talent acquisition goals this year…

…and fill your search pipeline with qualified candidates who are motivated to work for your company…

…without having to interview every single applicant…

…and start hiring well immediately, regardless of economic conditions, and without using a contingency or retained recruiter.

It’s a bold promise…

But ,after helping our clients do all of these things and scale their businesses, we are confident in making it a real promise.

The process we craft together will be simple, clear, and light years ahead of anything else you’ve tried.

Our process works.

And we know that if we work together, and you stay coachable, motivated, and accountable, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your business.

BUT, This is NOT for Everybody. Here’s Who We Can Help.  

We are very picky about who we’ll speak with, and there are two requirements necessary for us to proceed:

  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the work required to get results. This means that what you’ve done so far or what you think you have to do because it’s what everyone does goes out the window. You know what behaviors you need in your new hires—and you know what an A-player looks like. If you can do that, and you are willing to set aside your preconceived notions…if you want to generate more job applicants who are top performers and have the behaviors to succeed, let’s talk. But, if you don’t have the time to spend working ON your talent acquisition process, can’t get out from daily recruiting work, or aren’t willing to work our process, this is not for you.
  • You must be an action taker who follows directions. That means you’re coachable, motivated, and accountable. If you like to “kick tires” or sign up for things and not follow through, this is not for you. We’re like a really successful prosecutor—we’d rather plead out the cases we can’t win. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is incredibly important to us. Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about results.

That’s it! If you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next  

If you meet the criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible results for your business, then we’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s what to do next: head over to our calendar and grab whatever appointment time works for you.

Then you’ll be taken to our quick application form. It’s very fast and unobtrusive. We just need to know a little bit more about you to make our time together most effective.

That’s it!

The initial call will go 30-45 minutes, and it will be the best time you have ever spent working on your business.




We have hand picked you for this offer before we open it to the public. It’s physically impossible for us to work with more than 13 people, so it is first come, first served. If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, click here, book a time, fill out an application, and let’s talk!

Talk soon!

Ed and Ann Marie