This past Friday my computer went down. There was an update that caused it to crash thus eliminating, what I thought at the time, was an entire year of work, billing, emails, calendar, contacts, there wasn’t Internet access,…you name it. Think how your would react if you couldn’t access your personal and professional lives.

Ed, my husband and new business partner as of July 1, 2009, started to fiddle around with it and soon discovered it wasn’t a key that I inadvertently hit to make my computer inoperable. Over the weekend he spent close to 8-10 hours calling tech support, downloading software, working with our backup files, correcting the files, etc…. He has the God-given talent of being able to figure out the technology of the business without the formal education. His background is in sales, marketing and new business development but serving as tech support is a given. (Remember, we’re a small but mighty and scrappy company, where we can figure it out but know when we need to call in the professionals.)

Ed was frustrated because the work he wanted to get done around the house and in the business didn’t happen since the computer took priority. It’s Monday…he can now concentrate on the other pressing matters. He is wildly talented with sales, new business development, marketing and digital media and with technology. Ed has the talent for figuring it all out.

We all have God-given talents that we take for granted. The talents and gifts to which I’m referring are those skills that make you the go-to person for certain situations. In our home, it’s Ed for tech. The skills, experiences and talents you possess that differentiate you from peers, co-workers, friends, siblings and family, can sometimes go unappreciated. My challenge to you is to identify those skills that fall into the unappreciated category and make those your differentiators. We all can’t be the people in the front and center; but in our everyday lives we have something that we can do better than others. What is your God-given talent?

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