Have you ever seen the Christopher Walken/Will Ferrell SNL skit about Blue Oyster Cult?  I was watching the DVD “The Best of Will Ferrell” the other night and it struck me that “more cowbell” is what some companies need to kick-start their flagging sales process.  If you listen to the Blue Oyster Cult song, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” there is a cowbell in the background that adds to the overall composition of the song.  Public relations can be the cowbell that helps your overall sales and business development!

More Cowbell! – watch more funny videos

Imagine that Bruce Dickinson (Walken) is the sales and marketing manager for your company. You, as the owner, may not see the need for public relations (more cowbell) but provided that PR is used in just the right way, it completes the song bringing sales to the table! Public relations is a way to communicate a message in a positive light, especially when your sales process needs an extra boost.  Imagine that your salespeople are able to demonstrate the expertise of your company, whether selling a product or service, by showing a recently published article or perhaps a video of a newsclip? You may think that this is too self-promotional and may be uncomfortable with it, however, it is important to stand apart from your competition, especially in a crowded marketplace.

So the next time you think that you don’t need “more cowbell,” imagine how public relations can really supplement your business development!

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