There are many great self-help books, blogs, YouTube videos, magazines, inspirational Web sites, and other myriad of sources to get yourself motivated to accomplish your daily routine or long-term goals. We read, watch and listen to these sources to help get us going. With all the information available, why do so many people still seem to lack focus?

Earlier this week, I read a great blog at the Web site, The Simple Dollar. The author Trent in his October 11 posting, Mirror Neuron: Why Watching Others Succeed Won’t Help You Succeed: points out that people will spend time researching how others achieve their goals and feel better that by reading something it will move them to action, which it usually doesn’t. There is a false sense of accomplishment for doing the research to achieve a goal but action is rarely taken.

I’m close to hitting the 18-month mark as a business owner of AMM Communications LLC, and as a business owner action is everything to your company’s survival. I haven’t slacked off in my focus to serve clients, expand the business with Ed, and continue to see how I can be a connector for others. My challenge is making sure that for every action taken, I can see a result toward each goal professionally and personally.

So this is what I’m focusing on for the next 12 weeks:
  • Goal setting by each quarter: It’s easier to build a goal on 12 weeks versus 52 weeks.
  • Research goals but give yourself a time limit: Refer to your frequent sources for ideas, inspiration and motivation but give yourself a time limit. For me, it’s no more than 20 minutes a day.
  • No more than five items at a time: If you have more than five goals, it is a to-do list. You no longer have priorities. For me, I’ll establish one personal and professional goal each quarter.
  • Keep quiet: Keep your goal to yourself. In a recent issue of Shape Magazine, there is a brief article where researchers proved that if you kept your goals to yourself you were more likely to achieve them. For me, if I do share them, it is with Ed or a very close friend.
  • Take one small step a day: No matter what you decide, take one small step toward your goal each day. It’s been proven you are more likely to achieve your goal with small steps each day, which can add up quickly!

Set one goal now. Even a simple one like keeping your desk free of clutter or getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. The fourth quarter is still relatively new. Good luck!

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