I have recently become interested in distance running and the possibility of running a marathon, although I think that if running a marathon would have truly been a goal of mine, I would have completed one while I was in my twenties rather than in my forties. However, the fact remains, that I still need to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life, and from past experience, running has been the best way for me to lose weight and increase my aerobic fitness.

Running long distances gives me time to think about digital marketing and communications, and work through strategies for my clients. I often return from my runs with a renewed perspective on how to increase the visibility of my clients’ product or service. The added bonus is that it makes the time and the distance of the run pass quickly.

I won’t say that it is easy, because it is difficult to log that first mile, but once I get my rhythm, I find that I finish the run with a better pace than I began. So, the question arises, how does this new hobby and fitness endeavor promote my personal brand? I will never be a world-class competitive runner, but I feel that there are others in my situation that could benefit from my research into how to begin the sport of distance running for fun and exercise.

Much has changed in the area of distance running training in terms of smartphone apps, videos, and online resources, so I have created a SlideBatch to compile the best resources that I have found thus far: Besides the obvious health benefits from distance running, how does this batch promote my personal brand? First of all, it demonstrates that I have other interests beyond public relations, content marketing, and social media. Secondly, I can embed the batch in a blog post, which increases the visibility of my blog as well as the SEO value of the post.

This batch is a way for me to share the knowledge I have gleaned from my research into training for a marathon, and shows that I want to “pay it forward” by sharing this valuable information with the public. Creating a batch on any subject is very easy, so think of your own hobbies and interests and create a batch today!

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