How can you be green, print less, and improve your content marketing simultaneously? By using SlideBatch to supplement your next presentation. You probably attend presentations and meetings where you are given a printout of the slide deck to follow along and take notes. I am amazed by how many slide decks are printed for the attendees of meetings, only to be thrown away immediately after the presentation.

But, there is a better way – use SlideBatch to upload not only your presentation, but also any associated images, documents, and video – and then provide that link in advance of your presentation. Many people bring a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to presentations, so by providing the link to the batch, they are able to view the materials and presentation in real time. This has the dual effect of saving printing costs (as well as the environment), while also increasing your SEO and content marketing, by making your media socially accessible!


In addition, SlideBatch makes an excellent tool for research and gathering the support material for a presentation. You can perform your research within a batch, simply by clicking the blue “Add Media” button and typing a search query in the search box. I often use this feature to find videos, images, links, and new on the subject that I am researching.

Another benefit of SlideBatch, is the ability to upload over 300 different file types, so no matter where your supporting material resides – ie DropBox, OneDrive, your hard drive etc. – you can easily upload it to the batch. After you have completed your initial research and created your PowerPoint, you can upload that presentation to the batch as well. It’s very convenient!

After the presentation, if you would like to invite others to add content to your batch, you can invite specific people as administrators. Plus, the social sharing aspect of a batch allows your content to be shared with other people who may have missed your presentation. The benefit of this to you is that it helps to enhance your personal brand as well as increase the SEO for your name and topic.

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