At AMM Communications, we pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of digital communications technology. Recently, we have experimented with Microsoft Sway, a new application in the Microsoft Office family, that implements the best parts of PowerPoint and Prezi. From a content marketing perspective, it has distinct advantages over PowerPoint, in that you can not only curate and collect the various bits of your presentation from the Web, but also upload and insert content from your own files.

Here is an example of a Sway that I created for an upcoming Enterprise University class that I am teaching:


Since its inception in 2010, I had always been a big advocate of Prezi, however over years of using it, I began to realize its limitations. The big issue is the fact that it is difficult to print out the individual slides and movements within a Prezi, and when you do, the visual impact is lost. And my audiences were still insisting on having a printout of the presentation, which became readily apparent based on the feedback forms distributed after my presentations. So I found myself switching back to plain old PowerPoint. But the last thing that people wanted to see in the morning was a PowerPoint, so I was looking for a hybrid of PowerPoint and Prezi. That’s where Sway comes along.

Here is another example of how Sway can easily illustrate Permission Marketing:



Give Sway a try for your next presentation or to communicate on your website through embedding. I think you’ll like it!