Why Curating is Important for the Best PR Firms (and the Need to Curate Content Frequently!)

You may have been blogging for the last 10 years and built up quite a following to your blog, but like many bloggers, it is difficult to find the time or the creativity to consistently publish a blog. This is where the best PR firms can help you – we can take the pressure off of your shoulders and do the creative writing for you! Authoring new, fresh, and engaging content frequently is difficult task, especially with the constant distractions of daily life. It becomes even more apparent when you run your own small business.


Try This: Be a Writer, a Content Marketer, and a Public Relations Specialist using SlideBatch

Try writing a Haiku about your core product or service and you will be a writer. You can also create a batch in SlideBatch to accompany your Haiku, to help market it. Finally, by sharing your Haiku, through Twitter, and adding a link to your batch, you will serve as your own publicist! The hardest part is getting started, so start writing today.


A New Way to Sell More Using Content Marketing = PR +

Any business with a digital footprint can sell more through Content Marketing, but the challenge is that they either have too many choices (ie social media, their website, etc.) or not enough choices (a static webpage). At AMM Communications, we have been using a new digital media sharing platform called SlideBatch to collect, publish, and share information about our clients.