At AMM Communications, we use multiple social media-based press release websites to distribute news about our company and our clients.  Fortunately, this news is no longer confined to a specific geographic area, such as St. Louis, MO .  In fact, by using online PR sites like and , the news is spread worldwide.


We find it amazing that news seemingly only important to a local area is sometimes picked up by news outlets and websites in Europe, Asia, etc.  The reason that this is important, is because of the “Google Factor” where the more websites linking to the content results in higher organic search rankings.  By creating online news release, you are creating backlinks to your website which will create more traffic and hopefully, more revenue.  Steps to consider when posting online news releases include:

  1. Make sure that your company website link is in the body of the release
  2. If the news wire service you are using has the opportunity to post separate links, remember to do so!
  3. Consistently try to include a graphic such as a company logo, business head shot, or even a video

The reason that you want to include a photo or video is to generate user interest.  A story is more likely to be opened if it has visual appeal.  Don’t expect that 1 or 2 releases will immediately increase traffic to you website.  Consistency is the key!


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