The beauty of creating content is that as marketing consultants, we are creating it everyday. For PR professionals, an element of our jobs is that  we are constantly pitching and placing stories on behalf of our clients, which are readily available on the Web. This further enhances not only the relevance of the content marketing tactics, but also the SEO, especially when those articles are linked back to the client’s website or housed in a news section of the clients’ homepage.

I have curated the most current research and articles concerning the synergy between public relations, social media marketing and content marketing in this batch:

Even if you want to just record your thoughts to your smartphone on-the-fly, you can publish those thoughts quickly and easily without having to edit them. Same goes for photos that you take with a smartphone – they can be distributed with little to no editing (ie Instagram) then sent to your entire social network. Pictures and video are a very effective way of communicating your story that is easily shared and curated on a content marketing platform such as Storify or SlideBatch.

When Ann Marie and I teach courses on DIY Social Media Marketing and Public Relations (PR) at Enterprise University (Click here to sign up for Ann Marie’s Course 205), our goal is to empower the attendees to try PR and social media marketing themselves, but once they find that they don’t have the time or resources to implement a strategy effectively, then to hire us. We can help our clients sell more because they will be seen by their target audience – in traditional publications, TV, video, and most importantly online!

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