Ann Marie and I have been interested in urban gardening for years. When we moved into our house 14 years ago, the previous owners had constructed a raised-bed garden that was overgrown and in disrepair. Even though we had no prior experience growing vegetables, we decided to jump into the urban gardening movement headfirst, and now we are reaping the fruits of our efforts – Pickles! When we purchased our house in 2000, the internet was not as rich with content as it is today. I am a visual learner, so watching YouTube videos is most beneficial to me. SlideBatch allows me to collect information on urban gardening that is in the public domain, that I can share with my audience, which makes it a perfect way to follow trends and share discoveries. As I created this batch, my first inclination was to look for YouTube videos within the SlideBatch “Add Media” function. The SlideBatch preview function was very useful in selecting the appropriate “introduction to urban gardening” videos to share in my batch. Additionally, I was able to add images, website, and news to my batch using the Bing search engine, which will also make it simple in the future if I want to add content to my batch.

What does this mean for content marketers? If you want to start your own online community, try creating a batch of content of your area of interest, which will allow you to embed the batch into your blog posts. As a PR agency, we want to demonstrate to our current and potential clients that we have hobbies and interest beyond just public relations and marketing, so sharing our interests and discoveries helps to build our personal brands!

What are your ideas on creating future batches?

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