As small business owners, both Ann Marie and I need to be very judicious with how we use our time, especially when we are working “on” the business, such as redesigning our website. It is for this reason that we love WordPress! Neither of us are expert coders and we are certainly not graphic designers, but we know what looks good and more importantly, how to create SEO and SEM optimized web copy for our website to get us noticed! Public relations and marketing are not services that companies look for everyday, so it is important for AMM Communications to stand out from the crowd, especially being a small PR firm.

Our last WordPress theme was not “responsive” so when potential clients looked at our site on their mobile devices, they told us that the pinching, zooming,and scrolling did not create a positive user experience. Moreover, the navigation links in the menu bar were difficult to press, very small, and hard to see.

So, for 2013, AMM Communications committed to redesigning its website as part of the annual Strategic Marketing Plan.  I decided that it was time for an upgrade to a responsive WordPress theme. Two features that I like about the new theme, are the large navigation buttons, which I can easily press on the screen of my Android tablet, and the ease of uploading new pictures to the slide carousel on the landing page. The beauty of WordPress, especially for non-coders, is that changing the theme is very easy. I was able to read the online documentation, watch a few YouTube videos, and in less than a day, I had a new website up and running!

I advise my clients to conduct an audit of their websites as part of their annual marketing planning. Because the world is moving towards mobile, a website needs to be easy navigate and within the pages, the product and services need to be easy to find. As a content marketing platform, WordPress makes it easy to change and move items and widgets.  So, if your company’s marketing plan includes a website redesign, I highly recommend looking at a responsive WordPress theme, for it’s ease-of-use and flexibility.

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