In the 6 years since Ann Marie and I founded AMM Communications in 2008, we have been asked to speak before many groups on the subjects of personal branding, public relations, and content marketing. Over the course of these presentations, we have recommend combining these three marketing strategies because they work together easily.

The strategies of personal branding, PR, and content marketing are very broad, so people often have trouble understanding where to start, especially with content marketing.  We advocate starting with content marketing on yourself. Why? Because you need to be comfortable with marketing yourself and your skills before you can begin to market the products and services of your company.  

Public relations creates “news” that promotes personal brands and provide content for content marketing. Easy!

In addition, for job-seekers, the job market is very competitive today, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to confidently communicate your personal brand. After you see what works with your personal brand, you can apply those principles to marketing your company, or a specific product or service.

LinkedIn is the best social network to begin your personal content marketing campaign, because it has the ability to display links on your Profile Summary. I created a SlideBatch for myself, that you can see here:


Observe how I use SlideBatch to promote my personal brand. Within my SlideBatch, I have incorporated:

  • ResumUp – A neat new platform that demonstrates a timeline of my career and accomplishment in a visual format.
  • Prezi – I use Prezi for most of my presentations.
  • My Resume in PDF format – This allows people to view and download my resume. For job-seekers this is a killer feature that will make it easy for recruiters to view and download your work history!

I could also choose to upload links to other social media profiles, but I feel that LinkedIn is the most important network because it is accepted by the business community.  Check out my LinkedIn profile here:

Please let me know what ideas you have that you have used to successfully promote your personal brand!