Any business with a digital footprint can sell more through content marketing, but the challenge is that businesses either have too many avenues for sharing (ie social media, company website, etc.) or lack an online “space” to contain the files the business needs for effective promotion.

At AMM Communications, we have been using a new digital media sharing platform called SlideBatch ( to collect, share, and show information about our clients and the products or services they offer. The concept of a “batch” is a simple one; we collect between 4-12 items on any topic we would like to promote on behalf of our clients, then we are able to publish that batch on our website, the client’s website, via an email link, or on social media. Here is an example of a batch we created for Enterprise Home Loans:

As you can see, we incorporated not only the Enterprise Home Loan website, but also included pictures and links to press releases issued 2013 that announced the acquisition of Gorman & Gorman.

Press releases are where the synergy between PR and really emerge. In the past, whenever we issued a press release for a client, we would take the web link and promote that link through social media channels. The problem with issuing individual web links was that there was no way to “sell” additional services or promote a brand. We resorted to sending out multiple individual links to support the press release, or merely placing a link to the client’s homepage within the release, which would drastically affect user engagement, because most readers did not want to click through on multiple links.

This is why SlideBatch is the perfect content marketing tool for a public relations agency! Instead of being constrained by sending out individual links, AMM Communications can take multiple videos, links, files (over 300 different file types) and not only share these files on one link, but also create an archive the client’s batches. This increases the SEO value of the link and it can be reused multiple times.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, effective tool for content marketing, SlideBatch is the answer!