On March 14, Daylight Savings Time begins. We push the clock forward by one hour. It’s a great time of year to get energized about taking on a project or introduce something into your daily routine or business operation.

With the coming of Spring, why not grow your business by sharing news about your company. It doesn’t have to be a crisis or an earnings release to be interesting to garner media attention. What is perceived as benign or mundane events can communicate that your organization is a growing, viable business.

Below are events are considered newsworthy:
  • New hires: If your company hires someone, especially in today’s economy, promote it. Don’t limit it to the most senior-level associates, if you are small enough issue a release on each newly hired person.
  • Job promotions: Just like the new hires, communicate who has been promoted. It shows that your company is dynamic.
  • Community Service: If your company supports a non-profit group either through volunteerism or financial, promote that group and what has been provided.
  • Office Move or Expansion: Let people know of an office move or expansion. Again, this is a way to promote company growth.
  • Anniversary: Share anniversary dates of the company such as milestones of 5-, 10-, 15-year etc… or the milestones of associates. This shows stability and strength of your company.
  • Awards and industry recognition: Do a little bragging about your associates or company if company or industry awards are given.

For the next week, there will be a series of blogs on public relations basics. I want to share with you DIY ways to promote you and your business. Check back after March 26. I’ll be able to share a PowerPoint of a pubic relations presentation I’m co-presenting with Mary Schanuel, Synergy PR president, at Enterprise University March 25. If you live in St. Louis, here is the link to sign up for the class, http://bit.ly/6btZB

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