Tuesday is the most productive day of the work week. The theory is that people tend to plan their weeks on Monday and by Friday their minds are already on the weekend. That might be true from some but I don’t think the majority of people operate that way.

In a recent piece by Michelle Goodman, a business columnist for ABCNews.com, she wrote a column on ways employees can be more productive by making some small changes outside the office. http://bit.ly/9mlaOt

For me, the way I manage my week involves doing some things on the same time each week. By incorporating these behaviors into my routine, I save time and free up my mind to focus on more important matters. Below are tips to consider:
  • Each Friday, I send an email confirming the appointments for my upcoming week. It reminds me of how I need to be prepared and it gives the person I’m meeting with a reminder of what we’re discussing.
  • For each meeting — phone or in-person — send an agenda at least three business days in advance. It sounds like too much time. It isn’t. In fact, it will cut down on the amount of wasted time spent in a meeting trying to figure out the purpose of the meeting.
  • Once you schedule a time to meet with someone, immediately send a calendar invitation. This way you won’t forget it’s on your calendar, and the other person won’t forget to put it on her calendar.
  • Change your voicemail message every day with today’s date. This way it forces you to keep up and clean out VM, and it allows the caller to know that you will call back soon.
  • Answer emails in blocks of time rather then each time an email is received. If you allow yourself 30 minutes blocks in the morning, lunch and evening, you’ll be able to plow through what needs to be answered, and you won’t be distracted with getting work completed. Don’t worry about “emergency” emails. If it’s an emergency, you should receive a phone call!
  • If possible, try to schedule all meetings and out-of-office appointments on the same day. For me, Tuesdays and Thursdays hold a majority of my client meetings, networking events and business prospecting.
Make each day count. Knowing how to better manage time with a few tricks to keep you focused will ultimately give way to how you really want to spend time!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday…not the only productive day of the week

  1. I think that the first couple of days of the week are indeed the most productive. Tuesday's seem to be overloaded and sometimes feel like you're playing a bit of catch-up.Good Post!

  2. Hi Ivan,Tuesdays are overloaded with too much work. I find making Tuesdays and Thursdays days for meetings, networking and new business development helps me better balance the other days of the week to focus on client work and my own marketing. Thanks for the comments!Have a great Tuesday! AMM

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