This morning as I was on the stairmaster reading the November 2009 issue of Shape Magazine, when I came across a monthly column “Mantra of the Month” by Jared Matthew Weiss. The title caught my attention, “I have to work for what I deserve.”

In the short piece, Weiss challenges readers to identify one area of their life to improve then get out there and do it, and not to dwell on what they perceive they deserve — a promotion, strong relationships, happiness, great body, etc… He points out that a person must work for everything.

I liked Weiss’ point. I agree with it. I feel that as human beings, we are entitled to work for happiness, to find love and companionship, to live healthy and productive lives, and to treat one another with respect. Note that I said “entitled to work for.” Big difference in saying that a person is “entitled.” If you work honestly and hard toward these goals, then you deserve them.

The key to happiness is a mystery. For me, my value system it is pretty simple.
  • Wake up each day with a purpose
  • Know how you enjoy spending your free time
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive, have your best interest in mind and are honest
  • Give of yourself without expecting anything in return
  • Value your family and friends
  • Break a sweat by working out each day
  • Pray

Incorporating these values into action every day takes work. I am generally a happy person. Not a lot gets to me.

We all deserve happiness. But, are you willing to work for it?

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