How Does Google Work?

Infographic by PPC Blog

I found this infographic today and I thought that it would be interesting to everyone that attends Russ Henneberry’s Tiny Business Mighty Profits Meetup Group ( Russ often speaks about the importance of creating inbound links to increase your website page rank.  From a public relations standpoint, this demonstrates the need for individuals and businesses to create content and be mentioned in “earned media” articles and publications that can create inbound links as well.  Google crawls news portals and the more your name or your company, brand, service etc. is mentioned, the more credibility and inbound links you will potentially create!

One thought on ““How Does Google Work?” Infographic – Why PR matters

  1. That is an absolutely awesome graphic! Thanks for that — I think it definitely illustrates the importance of creating fresh, unique and valuable content on your website.

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