When was the last time you updated your website colors?  In today’s business world, a business needs to have a polished, professional looking website no matter how big or small your company.  How does this help with your sales and marketing plan?  Your website is probably the first place potential clients will look for information about your product or service and it is that experience that will make them trust you and seek you out.  Once you have established trust, you can convert those personal interactions into sales.  Your corporate image is the key!

Many established businesses and even those recently created within the past two years haven’t updated their websites since they were initially created in the ’90s.  My challenge  for you is to revamp your website, removing any extraneous flash introductions, music, stock graphics etc…  Although, AMM Communications is not a web or graphic design company, we work closely with  designers to develop the look and feel of our clients’ websites and create a continuity between the appearance of the website and the web copy that we write.  If you need to find a good graphic artist, photographer, or web designer in the greater St. Louis area, please contact us!

Last week I wrote about initiating the AMM Communications website redesign on WordPress.  What I love about WordPress is that a non-coder, DIY enthusiast like me has the ability to modify, change, and tweak the website anytime I want.  I am self-taught, ( attending Russ Henneberry’s Meetup groups, Google searches, and YouTube), yet it has been relatively easy for me to set up our website exactly how I want it.  Early last year, we had a graphic designer develop a logo for AMM Communications that both Ann Marie and I really like.

AMM Communicaitons - Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. Louis
AMM Communications – Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. Louis

It is very simple and we feel that it accurately conveys how AMM Communications, as public relations consultants of Greater St. Louis, can help clients “connect the dots” while achieving their goals for business development, marketing, and social media strategy.  Knowing that I wanted consistency in color and design among all the pages of our website, I asked the graphics designer for the RGB and HEX codes for the colors of our logo, which made it very easy for me to match.

The main colors of our logo are:

Dark Green: 62, 132, 28 HEX: 3E841C | Light Green: 129, 180, 91 HEX: 81B45B | Lightest Green: 178, 211, 148 HEX: B2D394 | Gray: 102, 100, 101 HEX: 666465

For those of you that don’t have access to your colors, here is a nifty tool that I found on YouTube that will help you find the colors of your logo or any computer-generated color that you may like – Hex Color Finder 3.0:

So taking the three shades of green plus the light gray in our logo, I proceeded to use these colors in the text, accent colors, and backgrounds of our new WordPress template.  It’s very easy once you know the basic colors and can manipulate the colors of your theme.  In my future blog posts, I will continue to explore the components of a 2011 Sales and Marketing Plan, with the next post exploring the slogan or tagline for your brand.