SlideBatch was created as a platform to revolutionize the way content marketers can communicate the features and benefits of a product within the concept of a “batch”. A batch is a simple collection of 4-12 media items that allows you to upload, publish, and share over 300 different file types. So, the next time you have the opportunity to launch a product, try this: create a quick batch containing video, background information, manuals etc. that you can share in conjunction with the product announcement.

The benefit of creating a batch is that the batch allows the audience to not only read about the features and benefits of your product, but also gives them the power to download and share information about that product via social media.

At AMM Communications, we create batches of content whenever we help a client launch a product. In this example, Weinhardt Party Rentals  has an event theme called “Magic Balloons”:


As you can see from this example, this batch not only includes a picture of the entire setup, but it also includes links to the individual pages on the Weinhardt website where a customer can order the various items. This makes for a powerful tool to draw people to your website and allows you to control how your product is portrayed and how the information is processed.

If you are engaging in an email marketing campaign, you can create a batch and include the link within your email blast. SlideBatch allows you to see how many people have visited the site and provides a distinct URL for each batch.
Best of all, SlideBatch is free-to-use and can be a potent tool for the content marketer to use to promote a new product, or to assist with a product rebranding. It allows for cross-selling across product lines as well.

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