Marketers attempt communicate and influence consumers every day, but they aren’t always effective, because the message gets lost when the audience has to think too hard to decipher the message. As a consumer, you may have been on the receiving end of such a communication, and you have said to yourself, “Wait! What did I just read/see/hear?”.

Developing marketing communications isn’t particularly difficult when content marketing, provided that you (or the marketer) can provide a clear roadmap for the intended audience to follow the story and not have to put too much effort into thinking about it. A digital media management site like, makes it easy to communicate marketing messages on-the-fly.

Say you are a fan of Mid Century Modern furniture, as Ann Marie and I are. You can use the internal search function within SlideBatch to create a batch of examples and retail outlets to purchase the furniture, as you can see from the following example: 

If you are a seller of Mid Century Modern Furniture, you can easily create custom batches around living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens etc. to market your products.

Effective communications is about choosing the correct words and phrases, as well as relevant content, to ensure that your message is clearly understood.  At AMM Communications, we help our clients craft the words and phrases that support and enhance their brands, then take it a step further and create batches to support their content marketing strategies.

If a company that wants to sell a product or service, but doesn’t have the ability to publish professional pictures about their product or service, there are many sources of information that can be curated in the public domain. Similar to a book author, it is possible to paint a picture in the mind of the audience by using articles and web links that are compiled from web searches conducted within SlideBatch. A company can use Wikipedia references (which will help with the SEO relevance of the batch), images, as well as videos from YouTube to further enhance and simplify the understanding of the batch. Give it a try and you will see how easy it is to tell your story using a tool like !

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