Smiling goats don't make good news sources

When you read your favorite online newspaper, and watch or listen to the news, do you wonder how the people interviewed were selected? It’s usually a combination of things but the main reason is that the source is credible and is willing to be interviewed. The source is not unusual. A smiling goat is an unusual source!

When considering if you want to approach the media for an interview, below are items to ask about being a credible source:

  • Knowledge: What do you have to say that is fresh, creative and unique? Don’t be outlandish but you do need to offer insight that isn’t being reported elsewhere.
  • Approachability: Do you come across as someone who is approachable? It doesn’t matter if its print, electronic, broadcast or radio, make sure that what you have to say is congruent with the tone of your voice, the way you speak and how you stand. Be yourself and always remain professional.
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of being interviewed? Obviously, it is to help promote your business, cause or passion but what do you want as an outcome? As a source, you need to understand that the reporter is working to serve her readers, viewers and listeners. How can you help the reporter tell a better story?
  • Homework: Understand why you are approaching a specific media outlet. You must do your homework first before you pro-actively approach a reporter. Become familiar with what the reporters has written, the focus of the medium and tailor your message accordingly.
A smiling goat would most likely make headlines in many media outlets but it’s a one-time story. You need to understand why you are a good source for the media outlet you have targeted. You don’t want to be forgettable. You never know when the story you’re interviewed for is competing against the smiling goat!

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