One of my clients, Kelsey Cottrell Realty Group, is owned by a dynamic duo – Kevin Cottrell and Stephanie Combs. They are the leading independently owned residential real estate agency in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Their approach to residential real estate is setting the local real estate market on its ear. They are trailblazers for the STL market! Their new Web site, is a must review – go-to source for anyone selling or buying a home in our market.

Stephanie is the principal and real estate coach for the firm. She has an engaging personality and motivates her agents to understand that we all have choices in life…we need to make sure to strive to make the best choices at the right time.

This morning she shared the following email, which I found powerful. I’d like to share it with you.

From Stephanie Combs, principal and team lead at Kelsey Cottrell Realty Group:

Dear team,friends and colleagues,

The results will come…

Though each effort does not bring an immediate result, keep going. The results will come.

Every achievement requires many efforts. Those individual efforts combine with each other to bring the desired result.

So keep going. Keep adding one effort on top of the ones
before it.

And all the while, learn. Learn what works and what does
not, and adjust your efforts to become even more effective.

Keep going, keep learning, keep working and keep getting
better. Every day, every effort brings you closer.

Persistence is the way you prove you really want it.
Persist, and you will have it.

I hope you are as motivated as I am after reading it…continue to be persistent. It’s the only way your life will change.

Best regards,


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