You Put the Wrong EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLABle – The Message is ALL WRONG!

This was a clip from the movie, “A View From the Top“, a completely forgettable movie from 2003, that had a few good quotes from Mike Myers. How many times has there been a disconnect within your company especially between sales and marketing, conveying the brand message and confusing your customers?  What happens when your salespeople were telling your customers something completely different from the marketing message of your brand, because their focus was on the wrong syllable, or core message, and the customer was perceiving it completely wrong? That is time for you to make certain that the business developers are putting the RIGHT Emphasis on the RIGHT Syllable!

How do you ensure that the message is not being misinterpreted? You need to keep an eye on what is being said about your brand in social media, interactions with your customers, and observing your salespeople in action.  Using customer surveys such as Survey Monkey, will provide the feedback you need to see if your customers are hearing the right message from your marketing department (including public relations) and that your business developers are capitalizing on positive perceptions of your brand.

It is very easy for a message to be twisted and misinterpreted, so don’t ignore it thinking that it will just go away!