Part of practicing what we preach at AMM Communications, Ann Marie and I have been undergoing a “tune-up” of our marketing plan for our business.  In order to stand out from other firms in a crowded PR market,  particularly in St. Louis, we have engaged in a process of expanding our brand.  It all began last autumn when we decided to fix the location of our company in Greater St. Louis, therefore we evolved our tagline from “The St. Louis-based Public Relations Firm” to the more comprehensive “Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. Louis”.  Public relations no longer relies solely on traditional press, but has expanded into marketing, branding, business development strategy, and social media.

AMM Communications - Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. LouisAMM Communications – Public Relations Consultants of Greater St. Louis


How do you apply what we have learned to your own business? Now that you have changed the look and feel of your website and possibly tweaked the navigation of your website, you need to examine your current brochures, sales literature, even your business cards.  If you have changed the logo and colors on the website, that needs to be translated over to the printed material, correspondence etc… This even drills down to the fonts you use. I advise my clients that you want it to be as easy as possible to reach you, so your website, sales literature, business cards should all have your website URL and phone number at the very least.  Then you need to take a close look at your company tagline.  We advocate using a search term that segments the market, such as your city, state or region in order to capture local business.  If you are or intend to be a national brand, you can incorporate USA or Nationwide into your tagline when it is appropriate.  Once you have determined this tagline for SEO purposes, you will need to look at your social media profiles and bios to make certain that you have this updated tagline on all profiles.