“you’ll be a part of someone else’s.”

AMM Communications has recently been involved in the launch and ramp up of several start-up businesses, and while these entrepreneurs have written strong business plans with well-thought out pro forma financial statements, they have not put as much effort into planning how they would announce their new ventures and how to leverage this publicity for additional business development.   Marketing and public relations are just as important as developing a business plan to seek additional funding, because without a sustained flow of customers or orders, the business will not be able to pay back the  financing.

"If you don't have a plan for yourself, you'll be part of someone elses"
Did this guy have a plan for marketing? No!

When you are starting up a new business or launching a new product, the announcement, marketing and business development need to be part of the plan.  Competitors are constantly on the lookout for new companies in their space, and they probably have marketing and sales plans to counteract your potential competition in the marketplace.  So where do you start?  It is usually best to start with a 30/60/90 plan that allows you and the business to adjust to the new marketplace.  Here is a plan for announcing a new business:

  • 30 DaysCreate a press release announcing your new venture and post it on free Internet sites like dBusinessnews.com and Pitch Engine.  Also create quick announcements about key staff joining the company as well as your own personal information.  Distribute this press release to local and business publications.  This will increase the search engine visibility for your company as well.
  • 60 Days – Use your social networks and Facebook Like Page to publicize your press releases.  If you have scheduled any Grand Opening events or other significant events, publicize these dates and times on Facebook as well as LinkedIn.  Connect with new and potential clients on social networks and by e-mail and make certain that they receive copies of your releases.
  • 90 Days – Evaluate your success with your launch activities.  Adjust your plan accordingly after you have determined what is and what isn’t working.

The goal of a well-formed marketing and public relations campaign is consistency.  Just because your press releases did not initial create an inflow of business, doesn’t mean that it is a failure.  Public relations will enhance your brand image and ultimately create a top-of-mind awareness, that will have the effect of increasing sales.  Be persistent and consistent!